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LexVantage Solutions
is a premier turn-key service provider of advanced services to Legal Publishing Houses. The Legal Publishing industry faces a lot of content and technical difficulties in delivering case reports, books and journals to the ever expanding legal market, where knowledge and information are key tools for an attorney. A Legal Publishing Company is also always looking for ways to tap into new markets, to implement new-age methods of legal research such as e-books and e-publishing to thereby find renewed returns in out-of-print titles.

Our clients are publishers of reference books, journals, textbooks, magazines, newsletters and other legal publications. Our pre-press services are recommended by all of our clients and our customized workflow, enhanced project review and management, flawless production and end-to-end project management capabilities ensure that you reach your market on time and on budget. We also have a press service that leverages on the low cost of materials and services to increase profitability.

We are very experienced in XML and front end XML coding ensuring advanced efficiency, superior flexibility and rapid delivery in printed form or online. We utilise custom built and industry leading software and technology that digitizes and brings into perspective even the most complex legal documents, statistics and creates a clean and purposeful publication that is informative and at the same time very readable.

We can take on high volume projects with ease because of the Pivotal Provider model that we base our business model on ensuring our work product is reliable with significant cost savings.