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Today’s Law firms are increasingly being pressurised by clients to reduce fees and simultaneously not just meet- client expectations but in fact exceed. They are also internally pressured to develop new clientele with limited resources, and are challenged with a very difficult task to remain competitive and profitable while having to reduce annual employee costs and still retain the best resources.

They are also often confronted with time consuming advertising, hiring activities and to increase resources at short notice for time sensitive projects. The practice of law continues to be more and more specialised and it is of paramount importance to expand firm expertise by filling a gap in specialised service. Different facets of a particular project require firms to take on cases that they would have otherwise had to decline, without diverting an associate that has adequate experience in the given area.

A latest trend in legal service delivery is emerging-- one that includes rapid sourcing, combining and deployment of global resources, precisely matched to project requirements and client goals. It can mean, having to use higher-cost lawyers where appropriate, while at the same time, having more low cost resources on hand whenever necessary.

Working with a Pivotal Provider can provide them with

• Right mix of domestic and offshore resources; and

• Managing work flow and assuring quality and continuity.