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Class Action Attorneys

Class Action Attorneys are at times faced with reams of data and hundreds and sometimes thousands of clients to attend to spread all across the country. It is a daunting task and effective client management is the key to ensure they donít jump to another attorney or back out of the suit. Preparing engagement contracts, signing of clients, litigation support, sifting through medical reports and communicating with your client every step of the way is critical in any class action litigation.

At LexVantage, we are not a regular litigation support company. With extensive experience and attorneys and doctors available all year around, we can actively leverage our experience and resources to convert any class action suit to a walk in the park.

We organize and air our clients Television, Internet and Print media advertisements urging prospective clients to call a toll free number that we handle through our call centre. We manage medical reports that doctors on the field (we can organize that as well) send to us and classify them into different groups. We handle our clientís engagement contracts and communication 24x7 through our call centre. If the Class Action suit goes trial, we can handle all of our clientís litigation support requirements such as legal research, document management, contract drafting, management and review, all briefs and motions and organize Expert Witnesses.

In the likely event of a settlement, we will inform all the clients of the same and even field any questions that they might have as to attorney fees or why they fall under a certain group. Since we are offshore, we are the best partners a Class Action Attorney can have to ensure the entire incidental costs come down by at least 50%!

We also fully equipped to process multiple Class Action for our clients simultaneously. Itís like a thousand doctors, lawyers and paralegals working for you at the same time. We can do this through our unique Pivotal Provider Model. If you would like to know more about what we can do for your current case or a case you would like to take on but lack adequate resources, Contact us today to know more.