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A new trend in international business, which is of great contemplation, is venturing into another niche area wherein we act as Pivotal Providers between the Corporations and Companies and International Law firms.

With mega construction, industrial development projects, mergers and acquisitions happening everyday in countries all across the world, especially in China, India and the Middle East, International Law Firms are looking to bite into this revenue pie. Many corporates and High Net-Worth Individual businessmen from these countries are also investing heavily into the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and other countries where our client Law Firms have significant presence. The Firms however lack the marketing capabilities to sign clients due to either restraints on direct soliciting or local laws prohibiting these law firms to participate.

LexVantage has tailored solutions to ensure Law Firms can enter these markets or sign on clients investing in these Law Firm home markets by actively marketing domain specific firms to clients. We do so, on a retainer from Law firms or on a project to project commission. We ensure smooth management of the project and provide support as well.

This area has not been forayed into by consulting companies before as there are a lot of delicate issues pertaining to the respective bar council jurisdictions, applicable laws, professional qualifications, language preferences etc. We however, have the experience and the capabilities to handle these issues and ensure an excellent transition.

The results of an internal study at LexVantage, the source being its existing or prospective clients (law firms) and companies in the Middle East and India have been very astonishing. It has been found that the Middle Eastern companies prefer American and Australian Law firms to be preferred groups to work with and Indian companies prefer Singaporean and European Law Firms for quality and case related experience. Bearing this point in mind a lot of these law firms (forming our clientele list) have expressed their desire to seek our professional assistance in finding them commercial and transactional projects from these regions.

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