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At LexVantage, we have adopted State-of-the-Art Technology for our Security and Communications Systems. Being experienced in the outsourcing industry for years, we deem this as a rule of thumb for our Vendors and hence a pre-requisite for their selection.
• Legal Process Outsourcing being a new industry with virtually no standardized software available to cater to business-specific needs, we have an ERP developed, integrated with a CRM and an operations management Tool.

• As our clients are spread across the world, we have made it web-enabled so that the same can be accessed from remote locations to get timely updates of the projects instead of the slow and almost obsolete methods of sending reports.

• We have multiple Dual Xeon processor blade servers residing on our network apart from remote Network Attached Storage Units to cater to our repository needs. An application server is linked to a Web Server to provide access to specific areas of data that need to be accessed by our clients.

• We have multiple Layer3 switches in place and VLANs and adequate firewalling configured to ensure the security of the data, especially on the internet. They ensure restricted access to external users coming through the Web server.

• Networks are protected by extensive firewalls with 24-hour network and system administrators.

• We have a NAS to ensure storage scalability as our business is primarily dependant on data. The data is also be backed up using an Autoloader with respective backup agents.

• Server rooms are installed with mantraps.

• Onshore resources have secure access to our network, enabling them to directly review the work product and work in real-time with our offshore resources.

• Onshore and offshore solution centers use both data and voice media to make sure that communication (e-mail, voice chat, text chat etc.) is uninterrupted.