The Delivery of the project is done through email or FTP. We also deliver hard copies based on our clients’ requirements.

                                      LexVantage and LPOs

LexVantage’s Coalitions and Partnerships functional team is the linchpin to the relationship with the LPOs or suppliers. They go through rigorous methods to select the best Offshore Supplier according to the needs of the client. We maintain a database of LPOs on the basis of the services offered, credentials, satisfactory delivery of services and projects, responsiveness, proven technical ability and clarity of communication.

Another facet of this relationship arises during the Project Implementation stage with the vendors / suppliers, when this team coordinates with the Account Manager and takes care of the execution, management, review of the project and subsequent follow ups.
• LexVantage’s Coalitions and Partnerships functional teams coordinate with the Account Manager to build the Dedicated Delivery Center through the selected LPO/supplier.

• We invest jointly with the partner to build strong delivery processes, training programs and governance mechanisms to offer a single, seamless onshore/offshore solution to our clients.

• After the scope, scale, billing rate and delivery timeline of the project are clear, the Account manager assigns the project to the selected Delivery Center whose expertise and availability match the project scope and delivery timeline.

• Project code is given. Targets and time deadlines are set.
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Through our Pivotal Provider Model, we have designed a unique business system, which maintains a domestic resource pool to ensure seamless, easy to utilize project management, supported by deeply knowledgeable, highly experienced legal resources based in offshore locations like India, Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

The interaction with our clients is incorporated into a five pronged strategy of joint efforts from the major functional units of Business Development/Sales and Consulting, Partnerships and Coalitions and the Legal Consultants.

• Our Business Development and Sales teams first understand the client’s needs, proposed requirements and workflow processes, prices charged, profit margins, professional and ethical standards.

• We identify what processes they would like to be managed through us.

• We understand and arrive at how outsourcing those processes would benefit them in terms of time and budget and better operational efficiency.
• We co-develop and propose a customized outsourcing solution, which we refine with the client to develop an Implementation Timeline of milestones, SLAs and decision review points.

• Offshore companies’ profiles are consulted too and plan of action is decided.

• Decisions about pilot projects and live projects are met.

• Means of submitting work - phone, email, fax, or FTP - are decided. The same applies to means of Reporting processes and delivery of the work product to the client. 

• An Account Manager is dedicated for that client.
Our Legal Consultant team goes for a formal review with the client every quarter to ensure consistent improvements to the service.

Every project we receive passes through a three-tiered quality control system and is not delivered to a client until it is reviewed by our in-house Legal Team, independent of the Dedicated Delivery Center.

This process ensures that we satisfy the customer’s original requirements and remain abreast of their evolving needs.
• We then manage the projects with the Dedicated Delivery Center on an ongoing basis to meet the SLAs by continually testing and improving their processes.

• Queries with regard to the project come to the Account Manager and delivered to the client immediately and clarifications are sent back.

• Reporting Processes are handled through fastest possible means.
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