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LexVantage Legal Solutions- “Your Competitive Legal Advantage”, is a professional Pivotal Provider of Legal Process Outsourcing services catering to various industry, government, law firms and non profit segments.

Selecting the right offshore service provider can pose significant challenges. India and other low cost countries like Malaysia, Philippines etc., have over 3500 established BPO providers, all with varying capabilities and offerings.

We assist our clients in these segments with legal and knowledge outsourcing services to ensure they have a competitive edge with project risk management, cost control, reducing turn-around-time and gaining an ‘unfair’ advantage against their market competitors by providing real time expertise at all stages of the project delivery (executing, management, reviewing and follow up). We get this done by guiding and implementing the use of the suppliers or LPOs.

The value proposition of LexVantage lies in LexVantage’s Pivotal Provision Model. Working with us allows the clients to reap the benefits much more rapidly, since it is our experienced team which 'mans the bridge' between the clients and the LPOs in offshore locations.

We enter into preferred partnerships and links with a wide spectrum of outfits- Legal Process Outsourcing Providers or LPOs in India and other low-cost countries in the South East Asian Region with the best of highly trained lawyers; legal assistants and technology specialists who perform quality work at optimum efficiency and affordable rates.

We would not only invest heavily in the time and effort needed to manage our client’s projects but also the wider relationship with our suppliers.

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